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BrainOpinions.com was started in January of 2011 as an attempt to help reform the brain supplement industry. Since then, it has grown exponentially, helping people select only the finest brain supplements available.


There are currently 924 Brain Supplements available for customer reviews on this site, with more being added each day. Supplements are added manually to ensure proper organization. If you cannot find a supplement you are looking for on this site, you can suggest a supplement to be added.


There are currently 5,252 Customer Reviews posted on various supplements, with more being added each day. Reviews are submitted by visitors like yourself. You can post a review on any supplement you have used.

Posting Guidelines: In order to keep our reviews at the utmost high quality, we require the following posting rules:

  • Be honest – We track by IP address and cookies to ensure your reviews are not fraudulent and of the highest quality;
  • Give a accurate review – Allow sufficient time after completing the product before posting a review. Don’t post a review ten minutes after taking your first dose;
  • You have used the supplement – We only accept reviews that are posted based on your own personal experiences, not hearsay from others;
  • One review per supplement – You may only review a supplement once, and you may not edit your review;
  • Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation – Do not type in all in caps. Type out all words. Don’t use “u” instead of “you”. Don’t use “ne1″ instead of “anyone.” Reviews that do not make sense will be deleted;
  • No swearing – This is a family-friendly site, so curse words will not be allowed;

All reviews that we receive are moderated before we publish them. We do this to make sure reviews don’t contain bad language, personal details people have entered by accident, or irrelevant comments. So follow the rules and enjoy sharing.

Choose a supplement to view recently posted reviews or post your own customer review.


Registration is required for most interactions with the site. Our community is currently at 4480 Customers and growing.


There are currently 121 replies to various supplement reviews, with more being added each day. Replies are not published after being submitted; they are added to a moderation queue and are manually approved by a moderator.

Replies are used for:

  • Request further details or clarification on a specific review;
  • Agree or disagree with the review;
  • Warn others of a potentially biased review;
  • To post a reply, simply click the “Reply” link at the bottom-left of any review;


The advantage of BrainOpinions.com is our strong and generous community. Many customers have specific questions about supplements on this site and are able to get answers from our community members. Thus we do not answer product questions, but if there is technical difficulties with the site please contact us.

About Us
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